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0-cost Futures trading, you take the profit, and we bear the loss
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Comprehensive strength
5+ years of operation, serving 120+ countries, 7 million+ users
Security and Compliance
Bank-level risk control, global compliance layout
Powerful features
Innovative six product functions to provide the optimal experience
Premium experience
Easy-to-use tutorial, 7*24 hours customer service
Event Reward Description
  • 1.Rewards are issued in the form of super bonuses, which will be issued to the bonus account when you open a Futures account.;
  • 2.There is a time limit for the use of the reward, please go to the official website or APP to check and use it in time after claiming it.;
  • 3.Example of bonus profit, 50USDT bonus, open a position with 5 times leverage, price fluctuation by 10%, and earn 25USDT;
If you have any questions
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